Upgrading Port Server Software

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Getting Software Upgrades
Installing Software Upgrades

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Getting Software Upgrades

Systech port servers contain software that can be upgraded to provide new features and bug fixes. Software updates are provided via image files called "BDNL" files. These files are uploaded to Systech port servers using one of several Systech utilities provided to accomplish this task.

The most recent releases of Systech BDNL files are available on the Systech Software Updates page:

Installing Software Upgrades

 You can load new image files into the FLASH memory of a Systech port server by using one of the following methods:  

Port Server Utility

  • installed as part of the NativeCOM driver software package
  • available for Microsoft Windows systems only
  • provides a GUI interface for updating your port server
  • most useful for updating a small number of systems


  • installed as part of the NativeCOM driver software package
  • can be called in a batch file, useful when files are being uploaded to multiple port servers

Via Browser (NDS and IPG families)

  • accessible via Flash Management link on unit
  • available on NDS and IPG product models only

Telnet to port server and use "flash_update" (RCS and POS families)

  • requires that the image files be accessible from a TFTP server on your host
  • available on RCS and POS product models only

Using the Port Server Utility

To update your port server software using the Port Server Utility in the NativeCOM software:

Select Start -> Programs -> NativeCOM -> Port Server Utility. The Port Server Utilities screen will be displayed:


printscreeen 1
Select the port server to be updated from the list.
If you have changed the default "user" or "admin" passwords, enter them in the password fields.
Enter the name of the BDNL file to be uploaded. The file must be currently located on your Windows system. You can browse to locate the file or type the path/filename.

Using the r4000 Utility

You can upload BDNL images to your port server by using the command-line r4000 utility. This utility is available free of charge to Systech customers. It runs on UNIX (several versions) and Microsoft Windows.

The syntax to upload a new image file to a Systech port server (and automatically reboot) is: 


      r4000 {IP address/hostname} -U -A -u {BDNL filename} -R
For example, to update a Systech RCS/5000 at IP address with OS release 06H:
      r4000 -U -A -u rcs5000_06H.bdnl -R 

  Documentation for the r4000 utility is available.

Using the browser to update an NDS or IPG

  1. Browse to the IP address of your unit
  2. Click on the "Flash Management" link in the menu on the left
  3. Click the "Browse" button and locate the file that you want to upload on your local PC then select OK
  4. Click "Update Flash". The unit may take a minute or two to update then will reboot and return to the Welcome page.

Using the flash_update command

The flash_update command is a command available from the port server's expert-mode shell (accessible via telnet). It is not the most convenient method for most users because it requires that the image files be accessible from a TFTP server. The flash update command is described in the Administrator's Guide.