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Management and control of remote site devices used in today’s distributed and dynamic application automation systems can create costly customer response, service and support issue.

Home automation systems are no exception in having to deal with these issues.  In addition to hard and soft failure issues, end-customers are prone to request changes and revisions to the various application sub-systems that make up a home automation solution… protocols, functional options, feature choices and new services.

For the VARs, integrators and installers responsible for home automation solutions, the approach to remote site service and support has been to “send a tech via a truck at a minimum cost of $250”, attempt a communication approach fraught with serious security risks, or install an expensive, dedicated computer at the remote site.

No longer!  With the Systech ONDEMAND Remote Access and Management suite, your service techs or customer support group can access any device at any customer location from anywhere you have an Internet connection… office, home, help desk.  Save time and money, and improve customer satisfaction, through a virtual service and support solution.

The core of Systech’s solution is a secure way to remotely access and manage premise controller devices for home automation sub-systems:

  • Lighting (Interior and Exterior)
  • Irrigation
  • Security, Motion and Intrusion Detection
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental Controls
  • Pool and Spa
  • Telephone and Internet Connections
  • Audio/Visual Entertainment

At the remote location, the controllers for the various serial-based sensing and actuating premise devices are connected to a Systech network device server or gateway product; the Systech ONDEMAND remote device software is installed in the network device server. The Systech devices, with optional SSL encryption, are connected via a high speed IP network to the Systech ONDEMAND host access server software, which runs on any hardware platform with Windows XP Pro, Vista Pro, or Windows Server; installation and configuration of the server is browser-based. Automation in the home could be limited to a single application system (e.g. audio/visual entertainment) or the integration of multiply solutions (e.g. lighting control, security, entertainment and energy management). Whatever the environment, Systech offers a full line of device servers to fit the requirements... devices with one serial port and one high speed Ethernet port to devices with 4-16 serial ports and multiple Ethernet ports.

Application admin, control and management are affected through any PC over an Internet connection to the host access server. The Systech ONDEMAND software suite permits you to remotely address your customer's needs, whether control configuration and protocol changes, problem and soft failure resolution or new services, Systech's NativeCom port redirector software can facilitate remote device access from the application PC.

The Systech ONDEMAND software system offers a robust, user friendly and secure solution to address remote management and control problems in home automation systems.

Simplicity - Only two steps...1.Connect the network device to the premise controller at the remote location.  2. Complete registration on the Host Access Server. Up and running within 24 hours! on demand graph 
Plug-n-Work - No extra wiring required, no compromising security of your client's home network. Just attach the Systech network device to the high speed Internet connection at the remote location and to the remote home automation controller with a serial cable.
Always On - Remote location unit automatically makes a connection to the host software server. If the network is disrupted, the unit automatically reconnects and the connection is maintained until your client or you end the business relationship.
Scalable - Support your remote devices anywhere in the world

Need a custom solution for your automated system? Systech has a design services group to assist development. Learn more

For solution providers and integrators, benefits from choosing Systech as their distributed network server device and system provider include: